We offer something for everyone! Here is small sample

Yoga Sculpt: a yoga centered class involving weights to strengthen and tone, this is a great workout to keep you toned

Mommy and Me Yoga: bring your baby to class. It also helps you socialize your little ones

Yoga Flow (we offer varied levels)
All flows focus on foundational poses and proper alignment. They help build strength and increase flexibility
(Deb, Raechel, Kristen, Chris)

Yoga stretch, Gentle Slow Flow
gentle hatha style class focused on opening the body and relaxing the mind
(Candi, Deb, Raechel)

a moderate flow suitable for all levels focusing on connection, mantra and meditation

Kids Yoga
a fun introduction to yoga suitable for children

Hip Hop Flow
a moderate yoga flow done to some fun 90's hip hop music! not the most meditative class but certainly fun

Interesting read about what makes you you. Aeon Article